Starting the Year with Rachael’s Review

January 21, 2016

In January 2016, we had some friends come to stay – they were some of our first Limalimo Lodge ‘guinea pigs’! Before we have guests booked in, we want to make sure that everything in each room is perfect, and our friends are helping us to get this right. We ask them what faults they can see when they lie in bed, does the water get hot enough, do the curtains keep out the morning sun light, what’s the view like at breakfast (pretty good in our opinion!), is the process at check-in quick and efficient…and so much more.


We want everything to be perfect, and as a community build, it made perfect sense to get the community and our friends involved in getting everything just right.

We asked Rachael (the real name of our first guinea pig!) to write a guest blog about her experience at Limalimo, and what she thinks guests have most got to look forward to!

In January, my husband and I visited Limalimo Lodge, during the final stages of the build, as some of the very first 'guinea pig' guests. It was brilliant to see how everything is coming together, and meet the team.


The build is quite a spectacle! It's amazing to see how much the construction team can achieve so quickly, especially without power-tools, and under a fiercely hot sun. I enjoyed chatting with some of the staff who will work at the lodge once it has been completed, and dropping in on one of the English lessons. The team were busy learning the English names for countries that guests might come from, and guessing flight times from Addis!

For me, one of the highlights was visiting Limalimo village at the invite of Gebre, who will work as a member of the maintenance team on site, once the Lodge opens. He's also a honey farmer, and invited Julia (the General Manager) and I to his home, to taste some of the family's produce. Unfortunately, we rather lacked the stomach to eat honey the Ethiopian way - two jars at a time - but Gebre was very understanding!


We also road-tested some items on the lodge menu, which Julia and Mengistu are working very hard on, and which I think people will find a real treat. My top tips are the babaganoush with home-made pitta bread, the fresh tomato and avocado salad, and the orange and cinnamon cake. It was brilliant to start the day with papaya, pancakes and fresh coffee, looking out at the sun rising over the Simiens.


And after most of the team went home in the evenings, it was clear that the lodge will be a brilliant place to relax and escape to. Located on top of the escarpment, the site is really beautiful - the sunsets and starry skies are just amazing, and the textiles and lighting in the rooms are lovely. I'm excited about coming back soon to see the finished Limalimo Lodge!





Find out more about the design of Limalimo Lodge, see a gallery of the build, find out what activities are available for guests, and make your reservation to come and stay with us

All text and photos by Rachael Badger

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