Our little shop

March 09, 2017

Our tiny shop at Limalimo is now open for business.

Here's the idea behind it: we didn't want a big gift shop that stocked the usual trinkets available elsewhere in Ethiopia. First of all, who needs another trinket? But mostly, that just not in keeping with the ethos of the lodge. We were looking to promote authentic, modern, "Made in Ethiopia" products that share our commitment to beautiful design, community engagement and environmental responsibility. Some of you may be familiar with the Monocle shops in Toronto, NYC, Tokyo, etc. Taking inspiration from this small-is-beautiful approach to retail, we set out to find as many partners as we could fit into our little shop. So far, here's the list of who is featured:

- Sabahar (uniquely designed, hand made cotton and silk textiles)
- Zaaf (Abai Schulze, Founder and Creative Director of ZAAF launched this line of handcrafted premium leather goods and accessories in February 2014.)
The Addis map (a unique art project that helps you navigate the growing metropolis of Addis Ababa)
- Little Gabies (an organic and beautifully soft line of baby blankets designed by Amelsa Yazew)
- Kids Ethiopian dresses (made by Ruuta, the designer that did our uniforms)
- The Simiens book (by Philipp Schütz, a Swiss-photographer based in Addis Ababa)
- Candles by Jawi Herbal (100% natual beeswax candles perfumed with essential oils, hand crafted at their factory in Sekota, in the north-eastern corner of the Amhara region)
ecopia soaps (organic, made throughout Ethiopia with inputs from hundreds of smallholder farmers)

The list continues to grow, so check in often.

photo courtesy of Sabahar.