About Limalimo Lodge

Limalimo Lodge is a boutique 14 room lodge in Ethiopia's stunning Simien Mountains National Park. Guests are able to explore the unique flora and fauna of the Simiens and visit local communities, or simply relax in the comfort of the lodge and its grounds.


Our staff provide guests with unrivaled service, our chef serves some of Ethiopia's best food, and the lodge offers once in a lifetime experiences to travellers from around the world.

Read the story behind the development of Limalimo Lodge.

At Limalimo Lodge we aim to promote sustainable tourism in the Simien Mountains National Park, demonstrating how responsible tourism can support conservation and sustainability in a unique and precious environment.

Limalimo: Community involvement

We are working closely with the Limalimo community to ensure that they will benefit from the lodge. The majority of the staff at the lodge are from the community, we purchase locally produced food for the kitchen and the community are involved in guest activities. The lodge was constructed by members of the Limalimo community - meet some of the building team.

Through these small but essential actions, the Limalimo community remain at the heart of our business plan, and can see tangible benefits of tourism, and thus, the importance of maintaining the natural beauty of the park to maintain the flow of visitors.

Limalimo: Conservation

Ethiopia's Simien Mountains National Park is home to a wide range of flora and fauna including many endemic species. Through the lodge we aim to promote conservation, not only in our grounds where we will be planting hundreds of indiginous trees but also more widely in the park through involvement in conservation projects and education programs.

We have an ongoing partnership with African Wildlife Foundation (AWF). Together, we're developing a conservation fund - every guest pays a $10 per night conservation fee - which we will invest in conservation activities in and around the National Park. This will include community engagement work and much needed infrastructure improvements in the region. The fee will also help support the Adisge Primary School, which AWF is rebuilding for the local community as part of its Classroom Africa programme.


We operate with minimal environmental impact. Waste is minimized as much as possible and managed in a responsible manner. Toilet waste is treated through an on-site biowaste system, greywater is used to water the grounds and kitchen waste is composted wherever possible. Electricity is provided as much as possible through renewable sources and solar is used to supplement hot water heating.

Learn more about the design of Limalimo Lodge, look through our gallery of the build and read a guest blog from AWF's president, Kaddu Kiwe Sebunya, about our partnership and the importance of building conservation into the bottom line.


Please note that there is no guest internet access at Limalimo Lodge. We encourage guests to enjoy the mountains and the atmosphere at the lodge.








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