News and Media from 2014

The People of Limalimo

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October 2014: "Last weekend I found myself standing in front of more than 50 members of the Limalimo community. We were all marking the official start of construction at Limalimo Lodge, and everyone was very excited. Melakesbhate, who is the head of the church in the Limalimo community, stood up and gave a long speech in support of the project. “We are all are very happy for this project happing!” he shouted."

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AWF Joins AWC for Ethiopia’s Limalimo Lodge

September 2014: As one of African wildlife’s greatest allies, the AWF continues to implement new projects in hopes of forging a positive impact upon the animal and human populations of Africa. One such project, Limalimo Lounge, is set to bring a range of benefits upon the surrounding area’s people and wildlife...

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Investor Announcement

Ecolodge Breaks Ground in Ethiopia’s Simien Mountains National Park With Funding From Mission-based Investment Company 

Limalimo Lodge, funded by African Wildlife Capital, scheduled to open in fall of 2015 and bring benefits to area’s wildlife and people

July 2014: African Wildlife Capital (AWC), a mission-based investment company owned by African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), an African-based conservation organization, has signed agreements with a British–Ethiopian venture to build a world-class boutique hotel in Ethiopia’s Simien Mountains National Park...

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Take a look through our gallery of photos from the build of Limalimo Lodge.