Our team

During construction, over 100 people were involved in building Limalimo Lodge.

The vast majority of these workers were from the surrounding community of Limalimo, though specialists from Debark, Gondar and Addis joined the team from time to time. Check out our "Meet the Limalimo Lodge building team" album on Facebook and click through the below gallery. You can also read one of our blogs on the women that worked on the building site.

Now that the lodge is open, we have 31 staff (excluding management), 28 of whom are from the Limalimo community, two from nearby Debark and one from Addis Ababa.



The Limalimo Lodge Management Team:

Shiferaw Asrat, Chief Executive Officer:  

Shiferaw was brought up in Debark and comes from a family long involved in the Ethiopian National Parks. His tour operations business (Simien Trek) is widely regarded as the most successful in the Simien Mountains, and he has provided logistical support to researchers in the national park studying the Gelada monkeys.


Meles Yemata, Chief Financial Officer:   

Meles is from Debark and has been working as a guide for 8 years. His company (Walks Ethiopia) works in cooperation with several international companies including World Expedition (Australia) and Exodus (UK). Meles has been involved in various community projects in the Simien area.


Julia Jeans, Operations Manager: 

Julia is a former publisher at Oxford University Press, with valuable experience in client management, finances, marketing, and business operations. Julia speaks English, German, French and basic (but quickly improving!) Amharic. Julia currently lives in Northern Ethiopia, and has strong relationships with the local community. 


Lucas Robinson, Chief Investment Officer:   

Lucas has worked in the field of international development for more than 10 years, including with the UK’s Department for International Development, the Canadian International Development Agency, as well as CARE International. Previously based in Addis Ababa, Lucas is now based in Washington DC with regular visits back to Ethiopia. You can read more about Lucas or follow him on Twitter.







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