Activities at Limalimo

Limalimo Lodge offers a wide and varied range of activities to our guests, allowing them to enjoy the Simiens and its surroundings. 

Explore the Simien Mountains


Enjoy the splendor of the Simiens whilst trekking across the high plateaus, up its peaks or along the riverbeds of the lowlands. Treks in the Simien Mountains range from half-day in the Limalimo area to 10-day+ adventures further into the National Park. The lodge is inside the park boundaries, and an eight hour trek to Buit Ras camp, from where guests can continue to campsites further in the park.

Your trek will be with a knowledgeable guide and support crew, seeing you camp out under the stars with campfires in the evenings. Camping equipment, meals and luggage service (by mule or car) will be provided. For younger guests, mules will be available to use during the treks. 

Read our blog on trekking highlights in the Simien Mountains.


The Simien Mountains National Park has both highland and lowland habitats providing a wide range of birding opportunities. You will be accompanied by our guides with excellent knowledge of the local birdlife. The best time of year for bird watching is between October and December. 

Visit Limalimo village

Guests are very welcome to visit Limalimo village situated next to the lodge. Community visits will allow you to experience aspects of daily life in a rural Ethiopian village such as the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony, injera making and other traditional cooking, beer making, farming, guided market visits and beekeeping.  Through such visits we aim to closely involve the local community in Limalimo Lodge so that they can realise benefits directly from Limalimo Lodge and its guests.

Luxury dining

Champagne breakfasts

Enjoy a luxury romantic breakfast in the morning sun with some of the best views in the world. We will lay a beautiful table in a secluded spot and provide a freshly prepared breakfast served with champagne. 

Luxury picnic lunch

Whilst on trek or as an excursion from the lodge, enjoy a freshly cooked lunch outside, at a beautifully set table with delicious food and a spectacular view. 


Special occasions and events

Contact Limalimo Lodge staff for ideas on the many different events that we can arrange for you, your friends, family, and colleagues.



Please note that there is no guest internet access at Limalimo Lodge. We encourage guests to enjoy the mountains and the atmosphere at the lodge.